Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this Web site as well as all transactions conducted through the site.

  • Use Of Site
  • Please read and understand this page prior to booking a tour with Ebanks Watersports.

    Everyone involved in the selling, purchasing and performing the tours offered are trusted to act fairly.

    Ebanks Watersports trusts that the customer (and/or travel agent) has checked dates, times and location for accuracy prior to booking request.  Ebanks Watersports staff member will review tour time/date requested, however it is the customer's responsibility to provide all necessary information (If on a cruise ship: Ship company, name of ship, date in port/date of departure).

    Tours are not fully confirmed with Ebanks Watersports until you receive an email confirmation that will contain date, time, location to meet for the tour including booking number and contact information.  On-line booking requests DO NOT count as a completed and confirmed booking.  If you book on-line, you will receive an automatic confirmation/receipt that your booking request was sent, this is NOT a booking confirmation.  Please contact us if you are unclear if you are fully confirmed or not.  If the date/time requested is NOT available, you will be notified via email.  

    Guests with health issues, injury, limited mobility or pregnancy they are required to notify Ebanks Watersports representative prior to booking.  

    Tours schedules are subject to change.  Minimum number of passengers required for each tour.  

    Payment Policy: You must provide a credit card online when booking.  No deposit is charged on your card at the time of booking.  We collect payment in full, with the credit card provided when booking online.  We will charge the card 1 day or 24 HOURS prior to your tour.  We will have receipts for your records available on the date of your tour.

    If you prefer to pay in cash (US$ or CI$) or with a different credit card, you may bring it with you and we will collect in full for the tour with your preferred method.  We will then refund/cancel the original credit card charge.  We do not accept American Express.

    Cancellation Policy: You must cancel 48 hours in advance to incur no charges. If you do not meet the 48-hour deadline, you will be charged 50% of your total booking charge.  Cancellations within 24 hours of tour or NO SHOWS will be charged in full.

    Refunds:  Given in full when a reservation cancellation is made 48 hours or more prior to the booked tour.  Full refund also given to customer if Ebanks Watersports tour guide or staff cancels tour due to weather conditions.  We do NOT cancel for rain, but we DO cancel for wind.  Full refund given if DOE (Cayman Islands Department of Environment) funds weather conditions to be unsafe then Ebanks Watersports staff will advise customers.  

    Cruise Ship Passengers:  NO refund given to cruise ship customers who do not arrive on time for pick up at the meeting location (Corner of S. Church St. and Warwick Ave. next to the Diamonds International and Bayshore Mall, across the street from Atlantis Submarines).  PLEASE make sure you are aware what LOCAL time is so you do not show up an hour early or late (due to ship time difference).  All tour times are listed in Cayman Island time.  The Cayman Islands remain on United States Eastern Standard Time year round and does NOT change for daylight savings time.   

    If your ship does NOT stop in port due to weather, you will not be charged for the tour.  Please advise us as soon as possible if there are any changes in itinerary or if the ship will not be stopping in port.   If a ship arrives late in port, again please advise us by calling or emailing us ASAP (Phone: +1-345-925-5273 or Email:webmail@ebankswatersports.com).  If you are late and miss your tour, we will try and work with you to get you on a tour that day, however will be based on availability.If the ship is NOT able to dock in George Town (due to waves/weather) and has to go to Spotts, you will have to get on a bus (taxi) to take you to George Town and meet at the stated meeting location.  Our tours are in the North Sound, so the weather conditions in George Town and Seven Mile Beach are not necessarily the same as they are NOT in the same area, so do not assume our tours are cancelled for bad weather in George Town.   

    On Island Guests:  If the weather is questionable the morning of your tour, please give us a call (Phone: +1-345-925-5273) to discuss the weather conditions and possible rescheduling.  Our tour is within the North Sound, so weather conditions on the Seven Mile Beach side are not representative of what you will experience.  If we have to cancel the tour, we will try calling you with the phone number/email address the tour was booked.  If you are staying at a hotel/condo, we will try calling your room first.  If your accommodations under a different name we will not be able to reach your room, so we please you to contact us.  

    Fish Bones Guests: 

    Please contact Davin Ebanks for any questions or concerns by emailing him at draeko@yahoo.com.  If you are trying to reach the guide Ed, please give him a call at +1-345-326-3713.